Welcome to our miniature poodle page.  This is my story of how I was introduced to the poodle breed and how I have come to love and respect these beautiful, intelligent dogs.


Our story begins in 2010 when I was having some terrible troubles with my beloved pet beagles, Sherlock and Tasha.  They were wonderful companions to us but they had a terrible habit of digging underneath our 6ft timber garden fence, and running out onto a busy road close to our home.  Time and time again they would go missing for hours, sometimes days at a time, sending me out frantically searching for them, putting announcments over the radio, sticking signs up around the neighbourhood, and endlessly driving round the streets calling their names.  It was a terrible situation; not only for the stress my husband and I went through each time they went missing, but also for the safety of our two dogs who continually came back from our local pound with kennel cough, (despite vaccination) or had spent the day dodging busy traffic. Each time we were lucky enough to have them come home to us when some helpful citizen had called our phone number that was always attached to their collars, but It was only time before something disasterous happened.

Unfortunately it was after they had gone missing from my mothers country farm for 3 days that we decided that we had to make a change.  I found a wonderful indoor home with a work friend for Tasha where she has been happy and safe ever since.  Sherlock however was another matter.  He had been with us a lot longer then Tasha, and my husband had built a very strong relationship with him.  He was our first dog together, and held a special place in both our hearts. We decided to keep Sherlock, with the idea that without Tasha to spur him on, perhaps he would stay home.

Our beautiful Sherlock

Another problem arose however when after a few weeks Sherlock really wasn't himself.  He had stopped running away, but it was obvious that on his own he was lonely.  He was withdrawn and quiet, not his usual self at all.  He had been sleeping inside with us a lot more, and we were giving him more attention, however on the days we were at work, you could see that Sherlock was not the happiest of dogs.  It wasn't too long before we realised we needed to find Sherlcok a new companion.  One that wouldn't encourage him back into his old bad habits again, but could come inside with us and really bond with my husband and I.

That was when my mother suggested a poodle!

Our gorgeous Bobby

In October 2010 Bobby (Hillani Bobby dazzler) came to join us.  She came from a breeder in South Australia, and I was so excited when she arrived. Sherlock loved having a new puppy to play with, and touch wood, he hasn't dug out of the garden since.

Bobby has been a real light in our little family.  She has become my best friend and a wonderful and cherished companion. 

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